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RSL Sheds-Bendigo
Interests: The Bendigo RSL Men In Sheds program offers returned service men and women the opportunity to socialize and learn skills like carpentry, welding, metal work and computer(internet skills)

RSL Sheds DAVID Paynter is helping people learn new skills.

The retired banker has volunteered at the RSL Sheds in Bendigo since 2010.

He said members learnt how to use computers and create various items at the sheds.

“I’d probably have a 40-year history of community service,” he said.

“I was approached and they said they had a couple of sheds and they couldn’t get them off the ground.

“The sheds were empty.

“I organised a meeting with the members and we now have about 110 to 120 active members.”

Mr Paynter said he enjoyed the role. “It’s a good outlet,” he said.

“You can go off to work, so to speak, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

"In my retirement, you can’t just stop work.

“You’ve got to have something to do.”

The sheds teach people skills ranging from computer use to motoring.

"We do all sorts of things here," he said.

"We have a good time and a laugh."

Getting Involved

So what's so special about this new type of Men's Shed? Men's Sheds are a place of encouragement for all to take an interest in their own health and well-being. Good health is also based on many factors and becoming a member of a Men's Shed gives a person that safe and busy environment where many of these things can be found in an atmosphere of old-fashioned mateship. And, importantly, there is no pressure.

You can just come and have a yarn and a cuppa if that is all you're looking for.

Members of Men's Sheds come from all walks of life - the bond that unites them is that they are people with time on their hands and they would like to do something meaningful with that time.

Why not come and check out Bendigo RSL Sheds?

RSL Sheds Bendigo

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