Bren Gun Carrier

The Bren Gun Carrier

The Bren Gun Carriers were used extensively in every campaign during WWII and loads varied, it was common to find the carrier employed in a number of roles e.g. carrying ammunition, infantry support weapons such as medium mortar, medium machine guns (usually the .303 Vickers machine gun).
The carriers were also used for towing anti-tank guns and trailers; because it was fully tracked, it proved to be a reasonably good cross country vehicle and it was both agile and very fast for it’s time. It was controlled by a small steering wheel and steering brakes.
Australia made approximately 5600 Bren Gun Carriers. they were also made in the following factories: Ford, Homebush, NSW / Victorian Railways Workshops / Railway Workshops, Islington, SA / State Engineering Workshops, Freemantle, WA

The item arrived at the Bendigo District RSL Sub-Branch via a private donation.

Model: Mg No. 2A (often referred to as a Mark 2)
Serial Number: 3820
Year of Manufacture: 1939-1945
Manufacturer: Metropolitan Gas Company, Fitzroy, Victoria
Country of Production: Australia


Crew: 2-5
Length: 3.75m
Power Plant: Ford V8 water cooled engine, 86 brake horsepower at 3500rpm
Axles: The model 2A used commercial Fordtruck axles
50 km/hr
256 km
Armour: 12mm steel plate. Earlier models had rivetted plate armour but welded joins became the preferred method of construction
Armament: Usually a BREN .303 machine gun. Some models used a VICJERS machine gun or a BOYS .55 calibre anti-tank rifle. Models were made with 3 inch mortars, 2 PDR anti-tank cannons and flame throwers

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