Commemorative Services & Protocols

Veterans may be accompanied by one carer if needed and that carer must be of an age that they can directly assist the veteran if required. Next of Kin (NOK) may march in place of deceased veteran on the following conditions:

  • NOK can march within the allocated group as listed in the Order of March (Group E).
  • NOK representation is limited to one per veteran.
  • NOK representatives must be dressed appropriately and are to wear medals on the right breast.
  • The carrying of photographs of relatives is not supported.

Upcoming Commemorative Services

The Wearing of Medals

War Medals may be worn only by the persons upon whom they were conferred and in no case does the right to wear war medals or their ribbons devolve upon a widow, parent, son or relative when the recipient is dead. Modifications of the above rule are permitted in connection with Remembrance and ANZAC Day ceremonies when relatives who desire to avail themselves on those days only, of the distinction of wearing the decoration and medals of deceased relatives, may do so ON THE RIGHT BREAST.

War medals (with certain exceptions) are worn on the left breast of the coat or in a corresponding place on the dress, as the case may be. War medals are worn to show the Sovereign’s head. War medals (or Campaign medals) are worn in the order of the dates of Campaigns for which they have been conferred, the first being obtained being farthest from the left shoulder. It is a Federal offence to wear medals and/or decorations for which you are not entitled.