Our vision is to acknowledge past sacrifices and to support veterans, those still serving, and ex-service personnel of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) as well as their dependents by providing available resources to assist with their needs and wellbeing as well as active programs to assist with engagement with other veterans.

The mission of the Bendigo District RSL (BDRSL) is to continue to develop and evolve appropriate welfare and veteran’s services to meet the varied needs of veterans, current and ex-serving service personnel and their dependents as well as commemorate our war dead through commemorative services, the Soldiers Memorial Institute Military Museum (SMIMM) and other opportunities to strengthen community engagement.


The BDRSL has developed three goals to enable the BDRSL to achieve its mission.

  • Goal 1 Support all veterans, those serving and ex-serving personnel of the ADF and their dependents with the available resources of the BDRSL.
  • Goal 2 Commemorate the commitment and sacrifice of all those who have served.
  • Goal 3 Operate and maintain a corporately responsible business model to ensure the ongoing economic and social wellbeing of the BDRSL

Core Values

These core values from the foundation in which the BDRSL performs work and conducts itself, they are:

  • Mateship to support each other in time of need and to simply be there to listen.
  • Respect for ourselves, to our families, to our community and to our nation.
  • Honour those who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.
  • Family who look after the children when our service men and women are needed.
  • Community who come together when needed and to remember.
  • Recognition of service, the sacrifices and those who support the BDRSL values.
  • Educate the community on the legacy of those who have served in the ADF.

Bendigo District RSL
Sub Branch History

Soldiers who returned from Gallipoli, with hopes & aspirations for the future, formed a Branch of the Returned Soldiers’ Association in Bendigo on 23 December 1915. The first office of the new branch was established at No 9 Commonwealth Chambers, Charing Cross in January 1916, the first official meeting of the new branch took place on 27 January 1916, and the first elections were held on 3 February 1916. The Bendigo branch was the first to be formed in Victoria outside of Melbourne.

The Bendigo, Eaglehawk and Kangaroo Flat RSL Cooperative Society Ltd was formed in 1977 as a joint venture between Bendigo, Eaglehawk and Kangaroo Flat Sub-Branches of the RSL. Licensed club facilities were built in Havilah Road and were opened in December 1979 and the Bendigo District Servicemen’s Club was formed to operate the Club.

In 2000, Bendigo RSL was asked by ANZAC House to take over the operations of the Servicemen’s Club and the assets and liabilities of the Cooperative. On 1 January 2001, Bendigo RSL Sub-Branch became Bendigo District RSL Sub-Branch Inc in recognition of this changed role.


President – Glenn Ludeman
Senior Vice President – Vacant
Vice President – Vacant
Secretary – Paul Stevenson
Treasurer – Shane Robinson
Immediate Past President – Peter Swandale
Committee- Bruce McClure
Committee- Carl Chirgwin
Committee (Social)- Vacant
Committee- Phil Baulch
Committee- Vacant
Committee- Vacant

Life Members

Life Member- Clifford Anthony Richards, OAM
Life Member- Robert H English
Life Member- Peter Ball
Life Member- Stephen Burke
Life Member- Paul Penno, OAM
Life Member- Robert Harrison
Life Member- Murray Poustie
Life Member – Ian Bates


Management Team

General Manager – Martin Beekes
Assistant Manager – Chris Murley
Office Administration Manager – Kylie Pringle
Duty Manager- Graeme Towler
Duty Manager- Dianne McCullagh
Head Chef – Pardeep Taya
Functions & Events Manager – Ratna Holland
Bistro Manager – Elaine Vickers
Sub-Branch Welfare office Manager- Karina O’Shea

Sub-Branch Milestones

Over the years, milestones of the RSL in Bendigo have included:

23 Dec 1915

A Branch of Returned Soldiers’ Association formed in Bendigo

27 Jan 1916

First record of an office at No 9 Commonwealth Chambers, Charing Cross

Feb 1916

Social and meeting facilities established in the YMCA Building, High Street

25 Apr 1916

First ANZAC Day Service held in Bendigo

18 Jul 1917

Bendigo City Council invited designs and estimates for the Interim Honor Roll

5 Aug 1922

Eaglehawk War Memorial unveiled

25 Apr 1933

First recorded ANZAC Day Dawn Service held in Bendigo

Feb 1998

RSL Museum began operations in the Soldiers’ Memorial Institute

01 Jan 2001

Bendigo District RSL Sub-Branch Inc. formed

29 Jun 2007

Bendigo RSL office moved to Havilah Road

9 Sep 2016

Closed to the public for redevelopment

15 Nov 2018

Museum officially re-opened

Community Grants

The Bendigo District RSL is proud to be a part of the Bendigo Community and has made welfare and charitable donations for the 2021 financial year of $421,119.07.

The following organisations are just some of many who have benefitted from the Bendigo District RSL Community Fund, Sponsorships and Donations in 2020/2021

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