Win a Car


As at 23rd March 2020, the following updates apply:

  • The car promotion has been SUSPENDED until further notice
  • Following on from Government requirements and the announcement of stage one social distancing requiring that all non-essential venues must close by midday on Monday 23rd March 2020 we must advise you that we are CLOSED effective immediately
  • Current advice is that we must remain closed until at least 13th April 2020 and we will monitor this advice closely for any further updates and advise you accordingly



As at 20th March 2020 the following updates apply:

  • A draw will take place on Tuesday 24th March as scheduled for a further 10 entrants
  • The grand final night will NOT go ahead on Tuesday 31st March as previously planned
  • On Tuesday 31st March the final 10 entrants will be drawn so that the pool of entrants totals 90 people, we ask that you do NOT attend this draw
  • Between 8pm on Tuesday 31st March and 11:59pm on Sunday 5th April we ask that all of the 90 entrants that hold a finalists invitation, place this invitation in the barrel with their details CLEARLY written on them
  • On Monday 6th April we will draw the top 10 finalists, we ask that you do NOT attend this draw
  • On Tuesday 7th April the top 10 finalists will be asked to attend a draw at a time to be confirmed, each will be given a box with a key and the person who’s key opens the car is deemed the winner

In light of Federal Government changes and requirements for social distancing we will endeavour to stream this final draw on our Facebook site. We ask that you only attend if necessary or are supporting a top 10 finalist




You could win a car at Bendigo District RSL

That’s right, we are giving away a brand new Hyundai Kona Elite to one lucky member!

Starting from Monday 27th January our members will be able to get an entry ticket in the following ways:

1. Swipe your members card at the kiosks (1 entry allowed per day)
2. Spend $25 on food or beverage (2 entries allowed per day)
3. Sign up to become a new member (1 entry)
4. Renew your membership (1 entry)

Entry tickets will print from the kiosks and tills and you MUST write your name and contact details clearly and legibly on the entry ticket and make sure to put them in the barrel.

Each Tuesday at 8:00pm (4th Feb, 11th Feb, 18th Feb, 25th Feb, 3rd March, 10th March, 17th March & 24th March) we will draw 10 entrants to go through to the grand final and empty the barrel after each draw.
Each of the 10 entrants will receive a mystery prize and those winners who are in the venue at the time of the draw, will win 1000 bonus points.

On Tuesday 31st March at 7:30pm, a final 10 entrants will be drawn. These entrants MUST be in the building to receive an invitation for the final barrel draw for the car. If the entrant is not present, the entry will be discarded and redrawn until we have 10 entrants who are present as one of the 90 Finalists!

Then at 8:00pm on Tuesday 31st March, the 90 entrants with a “Win a Car” invitation will place their invitation ticket into the empty barrel for the final draw.
10 grand finalists will be drawn and each of those 10 people will pick a box, inside the box will be a key…one key will open the car!!!

9 unlucky grand finalists will receive a $100 Coles/Myer Voucher that can be used for Fuel.
1 lucky grand finalist gets to drive away their brand new Hyundai Kona Elite!

So make sure to visit us often to get as many entries as you can


Tuesday 24th March Finalists-


Tuesday 17th March Finalists-

  • Finalist 1- David Haebich
  • Finalist 2- William Yates
  • Finalist 3- Donald Goode
  • Finalist 4- David Arnold
  • Finalist 5- Toni Wright
  • Finalist 6- Glenda Anset
  • Finalist 7- Issam El-Cheikh
  • Finalist 8- Peter Hague
  • Finalist 9- Charles Speck
  • Finalist 10- John Henry
  • Additional Re-draw Finalist- Freda Martin

Tuesday 10th March Finalists-

  • Finalist 1- Gabriel Heffernan
  • Finalist 2- invalid entry (additional entry to be drawn on 17th March)
  • Finalist 3- Heather McLeod
  • Finalist 4- Heather McLeod
  • Finalist 5- Rachel Quillinan
  • Finalist 6- Leo McClure
  • Finalist 7- Melinda Phelan
  • Finalist 8- Bridgette Boshoff
  • Finalist 9- Glenda Bouwmans
  • Finalist 10- Helen Zapelli

Tuesday 3rd March Finalists-

  • Finalist 1- Maureen Kairn
  • Finalist 2- Ken Wright
  • Finalist 3- Janette Bremner
  • Finalist 4- Leigh Rance
  • Finalist 5- Glenyce Mason
  • Finalist 6- Donald Ramage
  • Finalist 7- Wes Bennett
  • Finalist 8- Geoff Matthews
  • Finalist 9- Laura Zehmeister
  • Finalist 10- Cheryle Hague

Tuesday 25th February Finalists-

  • Finalist 1- Peter Garley
  • Finalist 2- Travis Hearps
  • Finalist 3- Rod Stewart
  • Finalist 4- Robert Doherty
  • Finalist 5- Denise Rimmer
  • Finalist 6- Sedoi Harvey
  • Finalist 7- Andrew Varker
  • Finalist 8- Tanya McGregor
  • Finalist 9- Carolyn Murphy
  • Finalist 10- Jackie Parmenter

Tuesday 18th February Finalists-

  • Finalist 1- Roger King
  • Finalist 2- Graeme Wilkinson
  • Finalist 3- Ann Daykin
  • Finalist 4- Chris Phillips
  • Finalist 5- Jill Williams
  • Finalist 6- Pat Pontell
  • Finalist 7- Patricia Ryan
  • Finalist 8- Nathan McGregor
  • Finalist 9- Gwen Aitken
  • Finalist 10- Jason Ludeman
  • Additional Re-draw Finalist- Janet Bailey

Tuesday 11th February Finalists-

  • Finalist 1- Geoff Murray
  • Finalist 2- Andrew Hipwell
  • Finalist 3- Tracey Westhorpe
  • Finalist 4- William Pontell
  • Finalist 5- Lyn Goodwin
  • Finalist 6- Margaret Boys
  • Finalist 7- Noelene Hamilton
  • Finalist 8- Rodney White
  • Finalist 9- David Paynter
  • Finalist 10- invalid entry (additional entry to be drawn on 18th Feb)

Tuesday 4th February Finalists-

  • Finalist 1- Graeme Bath
  • Finalist 2- Lisa Thurwood
  • Finalist 3- Margie Tuohey
  • Finalist 4- Mary Archer
  • Finalist 5- James McClurg
  • Finalist 6- Geoff Kinder
  • Finalist 7- David Lombard
  • Finalist 8- Susan Tragico
  • Finalist 9- Steven Ingram
  • Finalist 10- Lynette Joy Young

Last Years WINNER- Barry Hunt

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