Prize Winners

Bendigo District RSL in conjunction with RSL Victoria and RSL Rewards offers many prizes throughout the year. All winners can be found here

Congratulations!! To our first 10 Finalists


1. Vicki Naughton

2. Scott Morgan

3. John Young

4. Terri Williams

5. Lorraine Huber

6. Thompson Goode

7. Bernard Greenwood

8. Brioney Thompson

9. Karly Hall

10. Gregory Kemp


1. Peter Meredith

2. Raymond Griffin

3. Barry Bajada

4. Darren Hall

5. Jacqueline Crossley

6. Betty Flentte

7. Annette Coveland

8. Arnold Hocking

9. Mary Blake

10. John Harris


1. Brad Ackehurst

2. Matt Ockendon

3. Sue Whitting

4. Trev Fehring

5. Jack Lavery

6. Sharyn Lucas

7. Carol Edwards

8. Georgina Sandwith

9. Elaine Woodhead

10. Darren McLeary


1.  Paula Walters

2. Debra Denahay

3. Christena Hayes

4. Sandra McNaught

5. Brett Minias

6. Murray Purkiss

7. Ann Davies

8. Andrew McClean

9. Patricia Rickard

10. Ian Brown


1. Julie Doyle

2. Peter Nightscales

3. Ros Wills

4. Meliya Minias

5. Scott Chapman

6. Aisla O’Callaghan

7. Sue Gladman

8. Lynette Woodburn

9. Garry Evens

10. Karen Hancock


1. Rob Wills

2. John Harris

3. Debra Donahan

4. Brett Minus

5. Gary Evens

6. Sharyn Lucas

7. Carol Edwards

8. Karen Hancock

9. Trev Fehring

10. Bernard Greenwood



Congratulations to our Final 2 winners


  1. Karen Hancock
  2. Trev Fehring



Congratulations 🎉
To the lucky winner of the Mother’s Day hamper competition – Irene Coyle

2022 Easter Hamper Winners

  1. 5th April – Glenyce Mason
  2. 6th April – Mark Hecker
  3. 7th April – Linda Pedder
  4. 8th April –  Dorathy Pye
  5. 9th April –  Garrie Gahan
  6. 10th April – Laura Gillespe
  7. 11th April – Lacie A
  8. 12th April – Brian Sexton
  9. 13th April – Dale Tinos





Guess The Easter eggs in the Jar 2022

Winner 2022- Marg Lane



2022 Bendigo RSL Win a Car Promotion

You could win a car at Bendigo District RSL in 2022

That’s right, we are giving away a brand new Hyundai Venue to one lucky member!

The Car promotion is running from 17th January and our members will be able to get an entry ticket in the following ways:

1. Swipe your members card at the kiosks (1 entry allowed per day)
2. Spend $25 on food or beverage (2 entries allowed per day)
3. Sign up to become a new member (1 entry)
4. Renew your membership (1 entry)

Entry tickets will print from the kiosks and tills and you MUST write your name and contact details clearly and legibly on the entry ticket and make sure to put them in the barrel.

The promoter will draw 10 winners at 8pm every Tuesday night from 25th January 2022
During the campaign period except on Tuesday 05th April. The first 10 draws will be

Finalists 2022 

Tuesday 25 January  Finalists 2022 

  1. Joel Austin
  2. Cheryle Clearer
  3. Terry Quick
  4. Anchong Hickmott
  5. Paul Millia
  6. Raymond Clarke
  7. Julie Versa
  8. John Hibbert
  9. Marc Danahay
  10. Kerry Perry

Tuesday 01 February  Finalists 2022 

  1. John Schriever
  2. Joanna Van Der Schaaf
  3. Allan Gee
  4. Peter Tanner
  5. Dawne Furnell
  6. Lisa Goettler
  7. Anje Turner
  8. Steven Dowd
  9. Rowland Sowerby
  10. Ian Martin

Tuesday 08 February Finalists  

  1. Ken Williams
  2. Paul Brownlie
  3. Vicki Lee
  4. Beth Judson
  5. Cherie Morgan
  6. Rodney White
  7. Janelle Henson
  8. Stephen Ryan
  9. Annete Eddy
  10. Beverly Murphy

Tuesday 15 February  Finalists 

  1. Lyn Goodwin
  2. David J Williams
  3. John Boldiston
  4. Helen Dilks
  5. Noeleen Burchell
  6. Averil Cookson
  7. Edward Allison
  8. Anne Stokes
  9. Ian Thomas
  10. Lorraine Huber

Tuesday 22 February Finalists 

  1. Pete Garley
  2. Brendan John MCcean
  3. Patricia Rikard
  4. Barry Hunt
  5. Stephen  Ryan
  6. Michael Flynn
  7. David James
  8. Anthony Hickmott
  9. Mick Evans
  10. Sue Gladman

Tuesday 01 March Finalists 

  1. Terry Zappeli
  2. Terrence Cogav
  3. Helen Foster
  4. Karen Buchanan
  5. Peter Davis
  6. Brian McGregor
  7. James Fox
  8. Andrew Peec
  9. Desmond Oconnell
  10. Ben Pell

Tuesday 08 March Finalists 

  1. Kelly Thomas
  2. Valerie Densworch
  3. Darren McCleary
  4. Kenneth Couling
  5. Cheryl Payne
  6. Adam Mackenzie
  7. Stephen Colbert
  8. Curtis Mangan
  9. Yvonne Ellis
  10. Percy Gooch

Tuesday 15 March Finalists 

  1. Shirley Tresize
  2. Stuart Mccleary
  3. Margret Scoble
  4. Debbie Moyle
  5. Rosemarie Robins
  6. Micheal Morskyj
  7. Anne Stores
  8. Terry Kelly
  9. Lyne Goodwin
  10. Greg Kemp

    Tuesday 22nd March Finalists

    1. Gweneth Ramm
    2. Ian Thomas
    3. Debbie Nelsson
    4. Deslee Douglas
    5. Pamela Leech
    6. Linda Mason
    7. Marie Cogan
    8. Gregory Kemp
    9. Heather Osland
    10. Gail Allan
    Tuesday 29th March Finalists 

1. Phillip Jennings2. Debra Hall

3. David Lyon

4. Bob Wilson

5. Debra Butt

6. Graeme Teasdale

7. Marie Evorall

8. Darcy Crapper

9. Anne Withington

10. A Graeme

Tuesday 05th April Finalists 

1. Pat Szalek

2.Filippo Anfuso

3. Gweneth Ramm

4. Terri Pianta

5. Debbie Murray

6. Janette Swan

7. Sally OBree

8. Sylvia Chapple

9. Peter Hague

10. Bradley Gould


  1. Joanne Van Der Scharf
  2. James Fox
  3. Raymond Clark
  4. Debra Butt
  5. Anne Stokes
  6. Mick Evens
  7. Margaret Scoble
  8. Kerry Parry
  9. Julie Verga
  10. Cheryl Payne



Julie Verga 




RSL Rewards –  ( 21/03/2022 – 10/04/2022) 

There are 10 (ten) major prizes for this promotion. Ten allotments of $1,000 will be given away at the end of the promotion period totaling a prize pool worth $10,000.

EFTPOS Gift Cards up for grabs of varying cash values each week here at the Bendigo RSL.
We will randomly select 10 (ten) Qualifying Entries from the pool of Qualifying Entries.
To be eligible to participate in the Promotion, a person must be aged 18 years or over and must be a financial member of the program administered by a Venue that is participating in the Promotion
1. Just swipe your card at the loyalty desk Or Purchase $20 on food or drink (one entry per member / per day).


Sunday 27th March

1. Rob Milton $100 Gift Card

2. Luke McLean $50 Gift Card

3. Ange Crawford – Smith $50 Gift Card


Sunday 3rd April

1. Julie Wratt $50 Gift Voucher

2. Roy Gaffee $50 Gift Voucher

3. Glenn Candy $100 Gift Card

Sunday 10th April


1. John Hibberd $100 Gift Card

2. Patricia Petri $50 Gift Voucher

3. Stephen Flaherty



RSL Rewards –  ( 28/03/2022 – 03/03/2022) 

RSL Rewards are giving away $5000 a day over 4 days to 4 lucky members

CONGRATS to the following RSL Vic members who each won $5,000 in the recent cash promotion.
Day 1: Mrs Margaret Castelli – Greensborough RSL
Day 2: Mr Giri Yelburga – Watsonia RSL
Day 3: Mr Darren Hall – Bendigo District RSL
Day 4: Mr Alan Taggart – Dandenong RSL


Entry into the promotion is by :
• Swiping at kiosk (limit of 1 per day) or
• Swiping at POS / Till (entry with every purchase)
You will only be eligible for cash prizes on the days that you use your card (at the kiosk or the till). This means that if you swipe your card on the 28th of February and the 2nd of March, you will not be entered into the draws of the 1st and 3rd of March.


One of the $5k Winners one of our very own members!! Darren Hall.

Terms & Conditions

RSL Rewards – Win a share in $30K (January 2022) 

Congratulations to our Bendigo District RSL member James Hooper, who was a lucky winner of one of the $1000 cash prizes as part of the RSL Rewards $30k Member Renewal Promotion.

RSL Rewards gave all members who renewed for 2022  the chance to win one of thirty $1000 cash prizes.
All members needed to do to be in the draw was to renew for 2022. Members who renewed their membership between November 1st 2021 and December 31st 2021 were also included in the draw for this promotion.
more information website:



12 Days of Christmas 


Monday 13th – John Edlin

Tuesday 14th – Anthony Hickmott

Wednesday 15th – Melissa Beillton

Thursday 16th – Faye Smith

Friday 17th – Steve Colbert

Sat 18th –  Margie Tuohey

Sunday 19th – Peter Pianta

Monday 20th – Margret Hayes 

Tuesday 21st – Ray Mclean

Wednesday 22nd – Kerry cook

Thursday 23rd – Jenny Hazeldene

Friday 24th – Linda Pedder 

Congratulations to the following winners:

The winner of the brand new 6.6kw solar system courtesy of the Bendigo District RSL and Cola Solar was Jillian Dalrymple.

Jillian was drawn on Monday 28 June after a disrupted promotion due to the government mandated COVID lockdown 4.0.

Congratulations Jillian!

April 2021 Colouring Competition winners

They won $50 Gift Cards
Ages 2-6 Winner – Connor Freeman
Ages 7-12 Winner – Emily Sternberg


April 2021 Bendigo RSL- Easter Hamper Giveaway
Winner 25th March: Lance Currie
Winner 26th March: Peter Polwarth
Winner 27th March: Cheryl Stewart
Winner 28th March: Larni Scobie
Winner 29th March: Faye Patterson
Winner 30th March: Glenda Warren
Winner 31st March: Carol Van Gulick
Winner 1st April: Rich Clayton
Winner 2nd April: Steven Fuller
Winner 3rd April: Kylie Cunningham

April 2021 Bendigo RSL- Guess the Easter Eggs in the Jar Competition
Winner- Pat Bourke

March 2021 Bendigo RSL- Win a share of $1,000
Winner 1 of $500 – Sue McLean
Winner 2 of $250 – Fred Cameron
Winner 3 of $250 – Wayne Hicks

March 2021 Bendigo RSL Win a Car Promotion

Hyundai Kona Active Car Winner- Donald Ramage

February 2020 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw
One Free Meal – Adam Mackenzie
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Shirley Allen

February 14th 2020 Valentines Day Bendigo RSL Raffle
Hamper 1 – Theo Kregting
Hamper 2- Name withheld

January 2020 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw
One Free Meal – Rhonda Klemke
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Julie Jones

December 2019 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw
One Free Meal – Rozalija Ivkov
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Julie Jones

December 2019 Bendigo RSL Raffle
12 Days of Christmas Hamper Winners:
13th December- Phil Marmion
14th December- Maureen Duimovich
15th December- Vaughan Fisher
16th December- Miriam Barry
17th December- Murray Lambert
18th December- Les Trimble
19th December- Edna Travena
20th December- John Hywood
21st December- Janine Kerr
22nd December-Mackenzie
23rd December- Judy Filbey
24th December- Percy Gooch

December 2019 Bendigo RSL Coles Myer $300 Gift Card Prize Draw
Winner 1 Nikki Midgley
Winner 2 David Manning
Winner 4 Frank Ward

November 2019 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw
One Free Meal – Chris Canny
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Dianne Lewin

November 2019 Bendigo RSL Picnic Hamper Giveaway
Cliff Nicholson

October 2019 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw
One Free Meal – Jeanette Dans
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Lorraine McKerrow

October 2019 Bendigo RSL Spring Garden Raffle
Laurence Stidworthy

September 2019 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw
One Free Meal – Dianne Walker
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Sandra Hall

September 2019 Bendigo RSL Winter Escape Giveaway

$1000 Travel Voucher- Darryl Fullerton
$1000 Travel Voucher- Jeffrey Sellens
$1000 Travel Voucher- Andrew Gibbs
Bose Headphones- Wendy Ryan
Bose Headphones- Ian Thomas
Antler Hardcase- Pamela Owusu
Antler Hardcase- Jacqueline McCloy
Galaxy Tablet- Anthony Tilbury
Galaxy Tablet- Gary McGrath
Antler Hardcase Cabin- Donald Nicholls
Sony Cybershot- Leonard Downie

September 2019 Bendigo RSL Father’s Day Hamper Promotion

Hamper Winner- Ron Grant

August 2019 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw

One Free Meal – Shane Lanning
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Mim Davis

August 2019 Bendigo RSL Promotion

Little Troopers Colouring Competition, Win a Lego Set

Ages 2-6 Winner- Lily Humbert
Ages 7-12 Winner- Isaiah Berger

August 2019 Iron Jack Fire Pit Prize Draw

Fire Pit Winner- Marc Gahan

July 2019 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw

One Free Meal – Marie Kane
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Paul Ramm

July 2019  Bendigo RSL Breakfast 4 Week Giveaway

Week One – Leonie Wellard
Week Two – Jan Rae
Week Three- Jenny Curry
Week Four- To Be Announced

June 2019 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw

One Free Meal – Michael Brannigan
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Robert Noordam

June 2019 Bendigo RSL Home Entertainment Giveaway

Hisense 65″ UHD TV- John Garlick
Yamaha Surround Sound Bar- Rozalija Ivkov
Sennheiser PXC 550 Head Phones- Devin Schenck
Apple 32GB WiFi- Shane Lanning
Playstation 4 500GB- Charles Stanley
Yamaha Micro System- Edward Williams
Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch- Margaret Thompson
JBL ink Google Speaker- Harry Duggan
Apple TV 4K 64GB- Gordon Hunter
Google Home- Rhonda Den Hartog
DJI Tello Drone- Vivian Martin

May 2019 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw

One Free Meal – Julie Dunstan
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Rhonda Den Hartog

May 2019 Bendigo RSL Mother’s Day Hamper Promotion

Hamper Winner- Kathryn Hinton

April 2019 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw

One Free Meal – Valerie Miller
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Ellen Bullen

April 2019 Bendigo RSL Guess the Easter Eggs in the Jar Promotion

Easter Egg Jar Winner- Samantha Hill

April 2019 Bendigo RSL Win a Car Promotion

Hyundai i30 Car Winner- Barry Hunt

March 2019 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw

One Free Meal – Margaret Warde
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Malcolm Boldison

March 2019 Bendigo RSL Promotion

Little Troopers Colouring Competition, Win a $100 EB Games Voucher Winner- Declan Kilner

February 2019 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw

One Free Meal – Stephen Ryan
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Julie Jones

January 2019 Bendigo RSL Promotion

Download the App and win a $100 Gift Card Facebook Winner- Gale Day

January 2019 Monthly Bendigo RSL Prize Draw

One Free Meal – Jason Whitehall
Bendigo Cinema Movie Tickets – Beverley Duggan